All York1 bin rentals include delivery, pickup, disposal, driveway protection and our no-surprise pricing. So you can get your work done smoothly and sustainably.

Rental Terms and Conditions

We do not drop bins on public roads, laneways, or emergency routes. Please review our bin sizes prior to your order, ensure the bin will fit on your driveway to avoid any cancellation fees. The bin pick-up is automatically scheduled 10 days from delivery. Remember to call us or email dispatch@york1.com if you require the bin for an extended period of time or if you would like the bin removed prior to the completion of the rental term. Additional daily rental fees are applicable after 10 days. We are not responsible for any damage to property, to or inside the curb line when placing or removing containers or any damage that may be caused by the bin to your property. We strongly suggest you lay plywood sheets down prior to delivery to ensure your property is protected, please see our FAQ page for information on how to protect your driveway and materials not accepted.

If you have questions or concerns please call our office (416) 688-4747 and we will be happy to help.

General Pricing

Rental Rates: $25.00 per day over 10-days

Mixed Waste Rates: $95.00 per tonne

Cancellations with less than 24-hour notice:

Cancellations with more than 24-hour notice:
 no charge

Wait Time:
 $150.00 per hour

Relocate: $150.00

Upon Request we will provide wood slats or pieces of 2×4 to help protect your property however we suggest you provide plywood sheets.

Mixed Waste Bin Pricing

All Mixed Waste Bins Include
Delivery & Pick Up
Weight Allotment
10-Day rental of the bin

14 yard bin $400.00
Includes the disposal of 2 metric tonnes of waste

20 yard bin $500.00

Includes the disposal of 3 metric tonnes of waste

40 yard bin $600.00

Includes the disposal of 4 metric tonnes of waste

Clean Fill Material Rates

Clean fill material bin pricing differs based on each material and only applicable with 14 yard bins. Mixing materials or combining waste with the clean fill material will result in per tonne billing, $95.00 per tonne, on the entire weight and a delivery fee of $220.00

Please Read Carefully Before You Accept

  1. Our insurance policy prohibits containers from being filled higher than the container walls.
  2. We are not responsible for damages to or inside the curb line when placing or removing containers.
  3. We only accept 100% non-hazardous solid industrial, commercial and residential waste.
  4. No liquid waste is accepted, all liquid waste will be refused and or returned at your cost.
  5. We do not accept any hazardous or pathological waste.
  6. We do not accept contaminated clean fill material, all contaminated material will be refused and or returned at your cost.
  7. All material and waste are the customer’s responsibility until payment is made in full.

By accepting these terms the customer acknowledges they clearly understand the above stated terms, agrees to hold York1 harmless for any damages that may arise, to pay for overages on the above outlined weights, surcharges, and additional rental days, if applicable to the order, and authorizes York1 to collect such funds accordingly.

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