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Our experienced teams use proven environmentally responsible practices for excavation and site preparation, ensuring a smooth start to your new project.

EXCAVATION & Construction Solutions

YORK1 is an industry leading excavating company, providing comprehensive construction solutions, tailored to any of your site requirements. Our excavating group has extensive experience in developing some of Ontario’s most iconic landmarks, including Scotiabank Arena, the Rogers Centre, Scotia Plaza, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and the CN Tower. Our construction experience spans residential work, transit & infrastructure, and industrial/commercial work. Our innovative solutions help us continually serve our valued customers, contributing to Ontario’s growth and development.


  • Deep Excavation
  • Bulk Earthworks & Grading
  • Site Remediation
  • Shallow Excavation & Granular Placement
  • MSE & Retaining Wall Installation


  • Service

    Our experienced teams handle excavation projects of all sizes. Whether it’s site preparation, earthmoving, or digging foundations, we will get the work done efficiently and effectively. 

  • Safety First

    Safety is our top priority. We follow the strictest safety rules and procedures, guaranteeing that every project is done with the utmost care. 


    YORK1 offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, including demolition, excavation, shoring and foundations, hydrovac excavation, underground services, drilling, environmental remediation, and waste management. Our integrated approach ensures a seamless and efficient project execution.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We offer our services at transparent and reasonable rates, ensuring that you have confidence and peace of mind throughout your project. 

Excavator moving dirt.

DEEP excavation

Deep excavation is crucial for urban development, infrastructure, industrial construction, and environmental projects. Our skilled team is versed in working on a multitude of deep excavation applications such as, basements/parking garages for mid & high-rise towers, deep shafts for new transit and infrastructure, foundations for industrial buildings, and environmental remediation. We ensure safety, precision, and minimal environmental impact with expert solutions.

This involves:

  • Site Investigation and Planning
  • Various Excavation Techniques Based on Site Requirements

Bulk Earthworks, Grading and Site Preparation

YORK1 specializes in moving earth on a grand scale. Whether you’re creating communities, developing industrial sites, or making way for new offices and commercial space, we have the ability to handle mass quantities of soil. Our fleet of heavy machinery, skilled operators, and strict adherence to safety protocols ensure efficient earthmoving. We specialize in cut & fill earthworks, grading for new transit, clearing & grubbing, topsoil management, and more. Our goal is to be part of the solution to transform raw land into functional spaces for communities.

Grading being done for a site by YORK1

SITE Remediation

When sites are contaminated or impacted by hazardous materials, our team can step in to address the problem and be a key part of the solution. Our site remediation services involve the proper handling, removal, and disposal of contaminated materials. As we clean up the site, we are continually ensuring compliance with all environmental regulations. With our deep industry knowledge, our team can tailor a plan that is right for you and your project.


From footings and foundations for a high-rise project, or for an industrial complex, we can tackle precise and detailed work to suit your project’s needs. From excavation to backfill & granular placement, our crews can make it happen.

Excavator Deep Excavtor



    Our expertise extends to the construction of mechanically stabilized earth engineered walls, providing stability and support for various applications.


    We excel in the installation of precast culverts, ensuring a durable and efficient solution for water conveyance.


    Our team is adept at installing precast retaining walls, offering a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution for your project.

RECENT Projects


Exhibition Station – Ontario Line Early Works

YORK1 Excavating played a key role in the excavation and site works required for the Exhibition Station – Ontario Line Enabling Works project. This project involved deep excavation of new pedestrian tunnels, grading for new platforms and rail, demolition of existing structures, soil remediation, as well as grading & granular placement for the installation of new retaining walls & curbs. This was a key component for the commencement of the new Ontario Line South project.

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411 Victoria Park – Site Preparation & Condo Excavation

The Excavation and Shoring & Foundations team was actively involved in the groundbreaking efforts for The Birchley Park Condos at 411 Victoria Park Avenue, Scarborough, ON. This project featured a diverse mix of condominiums, townhouses, retail spaces, and expansive parkland. YORK1 Excavation successfully relocated approximately 50,000 m3 of soil and executed around 3,000 m3 of backfill upon the completion of the venture.

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Dain City Residential Development

YORK1 Excavating has undertaken the bulk earthworks and site preparation/grading for the Dain City project in Welland. This master planned residential community will consist of 1000+ homes along with parks, schools, and other amazing amenities contributing to the continued growth within Niagara Region. To date, our dedicated team has moved over 1,000,000 cubic meters of material over various phases of the project.  

Historical Projects

We are proud to be part of the history of Ontario’s development and growth and continue to seek out opportunities to serve our customers in innovative ways. We get the job done smoothly, safely, and sustainably.

Exterior shot of the Scotiabank Arena

Scotiabank Arena

Having received over 40 industry awards, the Scotiabank Arena remains on the most renowned venues in Canada.

Overhead, open-dome view of a baseball game at the Rogers Centre


During its construction, our team took part in the largest excavation in downtown Toronto history, removing 1 million+ cubic metres of earth.

Wideshot of Toronto skyline taken from Toronto Island. Lake and greenery in foreground, CN tower as the focal point.


Standing 553.3 metres-high this modern wonder of the world has the tallest freestanding building until 2007.

Looking up at the Scotia Plaza and surrounding skyscrapers on a sunny day

Scotia Plaza

Our team participated in one of the deepest excavations in Canadian history, digging out 110 feet of earth to make room for the Scotia Plaza.

Coxwell Bypass Tunnel Construction Site


The 10.5-kilometre tunnel will divert combined sewer overflow from entering Lake Ontario and the Don River.

Exterior side view of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre at sunset. CN Tower in the background.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre is known to be the largest convention facility in Canada.

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