Hydrovac Excavation

YORK1 is your go-to 24/7 hydrovac company. Explore the wide range of hydrovac excavation services committed to ensuring your success.

Hydrovac Experts

  • Available 24/7

    We're here all the time, every day, ready to help when emergencies happen. Our hydrovac trucks and excavation expert team are available 24/7 in Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph, York, Barrie, Durham, and nearby areas. If you need us urgently, just call our always-open hotline at 416-410-9394.

  • Safety First

    Keeping everyone safe is our main goal. We follow the strictest safety rules to make sure every job is done safely. By doing this, we protect our team, your things, and the environment.

  • Caring for the environment

    We care a lot about the planet. Our hydrovac excavation services are done in a way that causes the least harm to the environment. This means less chance of harming the soil or living things around the work area.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We promise good work at fair prices. You'll know exactly how much our hydrovac excavation services will cost. With our clear pricing, you can plan your project without surprises.

Why Choose YORK1

We're the top choice for hydrovac excavation services, known for our deep knowledge and great results. Our team of hydrovac experts always go above and beyond what our customers expect. We have all the right tools and skills to handle a wide range of projects, giving you peace of mind from start to finish. We understand that sometimes you need help right away. That's why our hydrovac trucks and our skilled team are always ready to jump into action, any time, day or night. Making sure you're completely happy and your project is successful is what we care about the most. We offer a wide range of services, including precise hydrovac for deep digging, comprehensive sewer flushing solutions to ensure optimal functionality, and cutting-edge closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspections for detailed pipeline assessment. Learn more below or contact us today to get your estimate.

Hydrovac Services

Our hydrovac services are perfect for all kinds of excavation work. Whether it's detailed work, deep digging, or getting to hard-to-reach spots.

  • Precise Hydrovac Excavation

    Our hydrovac services excel in delivering precise excavation, ensuring that we meet your project's requirements with accuracy and efficiency.

  • Hydrovac Extensions for Deep Digging

    Need to dig deep? Our hydrovac trucks have specialized hydro extensions. That's why we can handle any deep-digging job you have.

  • Remote Hose Excavation for Tricky Areas

    For spots that are tough to get to, we offer hydrovac excavation with a remote hose. This means we can tackle any digging project, no matter how tricky the location is.

  • Hydro Pole Holes with Backfill Services

    We're experienced in making holes for poles and filling them back in.

Hydrovac Excavation Workers

Sewer Flushing Services

Our sewer cleaning services cover everything needed to keep your sewer system working great.

  • Sewer Flushing

    We provide thorough sewer cleaning services to make sure your system works as it should.

  • Cleaning Manholes & Pipes

    We're experts at cleaning out manholes and pipes, which helps everything run better and stops problems before they start.

  • Clear Blockages

    We use powerful flushing to get rid of blockages, keeping your sewers flowing smoothly.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    We do regular check-ups to prevent sewer problems, helping your system run smoothly all the time.

Hydrovac Excavation Truck


Our CCTV inspection services use the latest technology to give you a complete check-up of your pipelines, find leaks, and make sure they're strong and in good shape.

  • CCTV Pipe Inspections

    We offer top-notch CCTV inspections to get a clear and detailed look at your pipelines.


    We use lateral launches for a deep dive into your pipelines, making sure we check every detail.

  • Finding leads and issues with air testing

    We use air testing to spot any leaks or problems in your pipelines, helping to stop bigger issues before they start.

  • Checking pipe strength / mandrel testing

    Our mandrel testing makes sure your pipelines are strong and working well for a long time.

CCTV drain inspections

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