YORK1 is a trusted partner for demolishing high-profile stadiums and arenas with precision and innovation. With years of experience and a track record of successful projects, we specialize in handling complex demolition tasks, including unique challenges that demand creative solutions.

Experience YORK1's Precision in Stadium & Arena Demolition Projects

At YORK1, we recognize that every demolition project represents more than just a task; it embodies a significant responsibility. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we provide unwavering guidance to our clients, delivering flawless demolition and site remediation services while adhering rigorously to the most stringent regulatory and health and safety standards. Our core values of foresight, precision, and leadership serve as the cornerstones of our approach. 

Each structure experiences a lifecycle, marked by its eventual conclusion, during which two crucial aspects come into play: the proficient deconstruction of the structure and the environmentally conscious disposal of waste materials. 


As experts in this area, we adeptly manage both of these dimensions, consistently delivering superior solutions across diverse settings, giving our clients peace of mind knowing that the job is being handled expertly with a focus on safety and sustainability.

projects we've Worked on:

Mosaic Stadium 400 by 400

ivor wynne stadium

A 70' demolition equipped high reach excavator was used to dismantle tall stadium structures, starting with the West and South stands and progressing to the East stands. Excavators with shears processed metal from the structure. Special precautions were taken for challenging areas like the East and North stands, which extended over roadways. Traffic control measures were implemented with spotters in place. The project had a tight schedule due to sports events but was completed ahead of time, ensuring minimal disruption.

400 by 400 Mosaic Stadium


The successful demolition of Mosaic Stadium, once the cherished home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, reached its conclusion with the safe dismantling of the West Stands through a controlled collapse. This remarkable event captivated the attention of a captivated crowd hailing from Regina. The team involved was deeply gratified to play a pivotal role in this significant and historic project.

Why choose york1 for stadium and arena demolition PROJECTS?

Stadium and arena decommissioning can include a variety of facets and variables that require an experienced demolition and decommissioning company. YORK1's plant decommissioning services include:

  • Knowledge & Experience: With our specialty-based expertise, we create a tailored demolition strategy for every project that outlines the best method of demolition, establishes the safety management plan to mitigate risks, identifies the site clean-up plan and highlights any opportunities for resource conservation (eg. reclamation of assets to offset costs). We are proud of our work on the Ivor Wynne and Mosaic Stadium projects and as well as our experience in demolishing arenas across Ontario.
  • Safety Commitment & Hazard Management: Safety is paramount at YORK1, and we prioritize worker well-being and site safety through rigorous protective programs. Prior to the start of every project we conduct an environmental assessment to identify hazardous situations and materials. We develop a comprehensive safety plan to mitigate risk and ensure safety. 
  • Abatement Services: When demolishing older structures, we are sometimes faced with the removal and proper disposal of hazardous materials. We are licensed for the safe transportation and disposal of hazardous waste, including asbestos and lead. Our skilled team is up to date with Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations, uses ministry-approved disposal sites, and carefully tracks all hazardous waste through the Hazardous Waste Information Network (HWIN).  
  • Environmental Stewardship: YORK1 prioritizes environmental considerations, controlling dust and noise, and ensuring responsible material disposal.  

Comprehensive Demolition & Site Cleanup by YORK1: 

Beyond the actual demolition, our services extend to:

  • Environmental surveys
  • Hazardous material management
  • Debris handling
  • Tank and soil management

As industry leaders, YORK1 ensures that every project leaves a minimal footprint. Our specialized units manage hazardous materials like asbestos, lead, PCBs, mercury, and mould. Our dedication to sustainability means up to 95% of waste from our sites is kept away from landfills.


We offer a start-to-finish solution, compliant with all governing regulations. Our offerings for your demolition journey can include: 

  • Pre-demolition inspections and cost evaluations
  • Service verifications
  • Elemental assessments
  • Permit acquisitions
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting

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YORK1 is your trusted partner for stadium and arena demolition projects. Contact us today to discuss your project's specific needs and discover how our experienced team can provide you with cost-effective and reliable solutions. We're committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

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